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Kingsman's DNA Is Like a Mash-Up of James Bond and Kick-Ass

Every movie started somewhere as a tiny shadow of an idea, a single celled organism that evolved into a walking, talking, fighting, exploding, and complex being. And if we look at the DNA, if you will, of these organisms, we can trace their origins. Here is a breakdown of the primordial soup that brought Kingsman: The Secret Service to the big screen.

Director Matthew Vaughn has been clocking Kingsman for a long time now starting with his love of spy cinema from the 1970s. While doing press for the movie Layer Cake all the way back in 2005, the director spoke to IGN FilmForce about his potential involvement with the 007 film Casino Royale, which he nearly directed, and has long been public about his desire to get in on the espionage game. He told Den of Geek last month "I've always loved Bond. There were two franchises that I would always dropped everything to do as a director. Bond was one. Star Wars was other. And neither of them came my way, so." So, Kingsman happened instead! And Vaughn was so set on the project he even walked away from X Men: Days of Future Past to do it. Despite having the keys to the X kingdom after reviving the franchise with First Class, Vaughn felt Kingsman was ultimately more in line with his sensibilities.

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